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August 17, 2012
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Write-to-Adopt Surr Foxes CLOSED by MoustacheRevolution Write-to-Adopt Surr Foxes CLOSED by MoustacheRevolution
Once more, thank you all for entering! Reading through your applications was really enjoyable, and we had unbelievably hard time deciding who should win. In the end, we came up with this result:

#1 Owner: ~Aphose
#2 Owner: ~xSamaster

Suddenly, free stuff. These fellas will be handed out 25.8.

- This is NOT first come, first serve.
- In your comment, state which fox you're trying to adopt and write a bio for it (must include at least a name and personality). Please use proper sentences.
- You are free to add scars, accessories etc. and make minor changes to adoptable's colours and markings.
- You're allowed to post the adoptable anywhere inside and outside dA as long as it's for personal use. Crediting me would be extremely nice~
- No breeding or reselling.

Everything (c) sensuroitu

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AtomicSon Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Number: 1

Name: Carison.
Gender: Male
Bio: Carison was born with black, soulless eyes. He wasn't like other pups, in fact, many stayed away from him. His eyes meant a great death wa on the horizon. His tail had been bitten off when he tried to near other pups his own age. He grew up an out cast, fear always in his way of him actually living a nice life.
Personality: He's a friendly person, but often comes off as mean from the fact that he's an outcast.
MoustacheRevolution Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Yay, some love for #1, too :'> Thank you for entering!
YUNoLetMeBeMe Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Number: 2
Name: Vector
Gender: Male
Age: none does not age~
Bio: Victor was a simple child. He loved the simple things like playing with butterflies and running through fallen leaves. He enjoyed life. Until they came... A mysterious group sported before him one day and told him that they needed him because he was special. He wasn't an idiot but he decided to go with them anyway. He was taken to a lab where that gave him many new powers and burned the markings into his skin. Enraged and in pain he screamed at them to let him go. But it wasn't over. He was sent through a series of tests and challenges, each one making him more deadly and more angry. But the end of it all that was left of that cute puppy was his blue eyes. But even the shone with hate. He was then ready enough to take on his first mission... And so he was released apon the world...
Personality: Fearse, powerful, evil, hates laughter unless it's his own or a fellow of the group, hateful, loner, mysterious.
MoustacheRevolution Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Thank you for entering! :>
ImagineCorgis Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Number #2
Name: Skull
Gender: Male
Age: 100 years old
Personality: Mystic, unknown, malicious, deceitful! Can be agressive, inteligent
Bio: Fox,that lives in no time. Behind all the worlds. Behind our lives. In the universe. Controling the time. Runing in universe. He is almost blind. Don't know where he goes, where he will be. Where is he going... Nobody can see him. He can't see us. But he feels us. He can't touch you. He can't speak to you, can't talk to you, can't run with you. But he can control you. He can find you. He can kill you. And he will....
But he is not a demon. He can heal you, he can invite you back to life. He is not an angel. He is mistery.
MoustacheRevolution Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
Thanks for entering!
XxNixxyxX Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Name: Di Vinci
Sex: Male
Age: Unkown
Personality: Recluse, Quiet, drunk, madden.
Biography: Di Vinci grew up in Renaissance time. His father was a drunk, who never seemed to make his way back home after a night of partying. His mother, the most loveliest women in all of Florence, always yelled at him and cursed him but always had love in her eyes for him. As Di Vinci grew older his mother grew sick and at the age of 13 she died by an unknown cause. After that Di Vinci was forced to servive on his own. For his father never came out of his drunken state. Like his father, Di Vinci soon succumbed to the party life of Florence. Drinking like his father and soon getting into an insane amount of trouble. He began to start taking in Cannabis, which was laced with a sick poison that made him higher than anything. But what he didn't know was that, that sick poison, would soon cause him to go crazy. After several year with this drug Di Vinci then took up painting and soon after that found the love of his life. Unfortunatly he was blinded by the drug and thought he looked rather handsome. When he went to propose to his love, she saw a drunk, sick old man kneeling at her feet. As you probably know, she said no. This devastated him, causing him to consume more Cannabis and Liquor. Which brings us to his current condition.. Alone, Broken, and madden.

Kind of got too into this x_x
MoustacheRevolution Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
Thanks for entering~ Just to make sure, which one are you trying for?
XxNixxyxX Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
Oh, lol sorry, the second one.
Kankersaurus Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Hmm, I'll be trying for number 2. ^^
Name: Was thinking about Iggy.
Sex: Male
Age: Ageless
Personality: Lol, it's kinda in the bio, but: Jaded, Sadistic, Evil, Menacing, Surprisingly Charismatic despite his tendencies, Lonely, In a way, Schizophrenic.
Biography: He was born a troubled soul, not knowing what his purpose in life was. After many decades of searching, he became very jaded. He became very short tempered, and a very sadistic Surr Fox. He also loved fighting, and afterwards, usually obliterate and ravage the corpse. After listlessly roaming around, fighting all who opposed him, he came across a few figures, just as dark and sadistic as himself; Skoll, Nyx, Asm, and He-who-shall-be-named Bob. Together they decided, with the help of Skoll's unique powers, travel through different dimensions. In the dimension known as our world, they decided to find human companions, and only bother the ones that deserved it. With the help, again, of Skoll's powers, they stay invisible, and only become visible to the ones of their choosing.

Hope this is good enough. ^^
And sorry for the very dark bio, I tend to have a thing for vent-able characters. ;____;
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